Business Spirituality

Spirituality in a business environment is unfortunately often “not done” and vague. Nothing could be further from the truth. It offers the opening to a whole new approach and development of people in the organisation.

There is an important and big difference between innovation and change in organisations. Changes are based on existing structures that need to be organised more efficiently. Business spirituality and innovation are based on the quality of life of the people who work in the organisation. In addition to our EQ and IQ, every person has a spiritual intelligence: a spiritual deepening that provides insights into what drives you as a person, what you stand for, what your personal mission is from which you do what you wish to do, and what gives you deepest direction.

Bring these insights together for the benefit of the organisation. Let the creative innovation arise from there that helps to make the organisation more sustainable in the sense of continuity and the contribution to improving the world around us. That’s Business Spirituality!

Dare to trust your intuition and listen to everything that is there at that moment. From your heart and your head. From thinking, feeling and compassion with the entirety of things.

Simon Sinek has given us a handle with his Golden Circles to get business spirituality out of the vague. With the why he goes to the core of what matters to you. Why do you do the things you do? What is our belief, personally and for the organisation to live and express that sincerely and truly. Walk your talk… Dare to listen to what really drives you and act accordingly. Business spirituality is also being aligned as an employee with the why of the organisation. Your personal mission may be in line with the mission of the work you like to do and the organisation you work for.

For us, business spirituality is the basis from which we wish to work and live, and we are happy to take our ideas further. We see people grow personally as a result, and with it the organisation they work for.