Personal Development

What do you really want? A question that you can ask insistently out loud, or conversely and meditatively. From the silence of perhaps from a ground-breaking activity. We ask you to think about the direction you want your life to take. Your inner compass, your personal values and your feelings can support you in this. What is your ideal life course? What fuels your passion and love for things? Is that possible for everyone? Do you have long or short term wishes and goals that shape your future? A compass does not indicate the direction but shows you clearly where true north is so that you can determine your course. If a horse comes closer to home, it will run faster. You know the road better in familiar territory close to home. And you can still choose which route you wish to walk every day.

With every choice and every real “yes”, opportunities and possibilities open up. You meet the right people, you come across the right article, there appears to be room in the inn you wanted to stay in. Chance lends you a hand. And sometimes things can go fast. A clear no is also a useful statement and shows you what to do and where to stay away. You make room for different and new things. You can also ultimately direct your thoughts. Everything you pay attention to grows… So be careful what you wish for!