For yoga you have to be very flexible.
Yoga is floaty and spiritual.
Yoga is for goat wool socks types.
Yoga is lying or sitting still on your mat. Not for me, I like action.
Yoga is being able to assume all kinds of complicated postures, my body is not suitable for that…
These are just a few frequently heard statements about yoga.

And all of that is true and false at the same time… And with that we immediately get to grips with an important aspect of Yoga. Yoga is Yin and Yang, it brings opposites together so that balance and equilibrium can arise.

You don’t have to be flexible for yoga, but you will become more flexible over time.
Yoga is also down to earth and concretely hard work. Flexibility, strength and endurance are gradually improved. This way you get more energy, more space, and peace in your body and your mind faster than you think.
Yoga is for everyone for 4 to 84 years old. For children, students and for adults of all ages, for fathers and mothers, and the over 65s.

There are many definitions of Yoga. The most common definition is that the word Yoga comes from Sanskrit yil and means Yoke.
Yoga means Yoke, that which brings two oxen together. It brings connection and balance, the merging of body, mind and soul.
Yoga can appeal to you from the physical component, but it can also be more. A path of self-development, philosophy, meditation and mindfulness. Mantra, creation and meaning.

Yoga is for everyone, so feel free to map out your own path within Mudita and choose what suits you.
And know this: you cannot become enlightened, you are already born that way, the only thing you can do in this life is to remember that!

For the yoga forms that we offer, we would like to refer you to that page Yoga Styles.