Kundalini Yoga

A characteristic in Kundalini Yoga class is the alternation of dynamic physical exercises and meditation.

Each class has a unique combination of yoga poses, meditation, mantra, pranayama, bandhas (muscle groups) and mudras (hand positions) which together are called a Kriya. Kriyas support to ease energetic, emotional and physical blockages and let you experience a deeper connection with yourself.
These balanced techniques have a healthy effect on your body; they detoxify and strengthen your nervous system, balance your endocrine system, help you to destress and gives new energy in its place. Kundalini Yoga keeps you healthy; physically, mentally and spiritually

Experiences of a Yogi

Kundalini Yoga has a wonderful variety of different exercises.
Doing these exercises opens up a different part of your body and your life every time. Some firm, others subtle, but it eventually helps me
deepen into the wholeness and unity of my body and mind. It’s amazing how much you discover about yourself.

I quickly felt at home at Mudita. It is a beautiful place with an open atmosphere, plenty of space to find your own place/yoga form There are many possibilities It is contemporary but without denying its yoga roots This gives the feeling of a firm bed in which you have the space to fully examine yourself, both physically and within the deeper layers of yourself.


You are most welcome to join a Kundalini Yoga class on Monday mornings Register via the class schedule.